Preparation of reports and financial statements

Financial Statements

It consists of the preparation of financial statements according to the accounting principles or practices adopted in Brazil or abroad, whether for purposes of disclosure or presentation to financial institutions, suppliers, clients and investors.

Reconciliation of Accounting Records

We reconcile the accounting balances and off-book controls and reports, for example, the aging list of clients, the composition of fixed assets, the analytical report of suppliers, etc, to ensure that they are correct and have supporting documents, thus avoiding the risk of frauds and errors that may compromise the accuracy of accounting information, and to meet the accounting and tax legislation.

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Managerial Reports

We identify and analyze the efficiency and the effectiveness of the existing managerial reports, and develop and implement others that are considered necessary, taking into account the needs of managers and the main market practices, to provide the overall management of each one of the key activities that determine the health of your Company.

Preliminary Audit Review

It consists of the preparation of accounting and managerial information that will be requested and examined by other audit company hired by your Company or Headquarters abroad. In addition, it has the purpose of anticipate possible control and accounting faults and lack of reports and documents, thus significantly reducing the volume of time spent and consequently the fees paid for the service and the number of issues raised.

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